From our Bo

volunteer pictures a list of projects that need to be done around our church.  

Contact Jonathan r further information

Contact Jonathan Nitta for further information

Trimming bushes around Church and parking lot and playground

Weeding flower beds,

4.        Trim dead branches and protruding limbs from rhodies

5.        Pressure wash plastic playground forts


6.        Repair/replace hand rail for steps going from playground to parking lot

7.        Weed  whack steps going from playground to parking lot

8.        Build a permanent cover to the open entrance under the church decking to keep out intruders

9.        Repair light/ballast in Mrs. Eisen’s classroom

10.        Repair light/ballast in Mrs. Pacilli’s classroom

11.        Purchase and replace screens for top windows in kindergarten and 1st/2nd grade rooms

12.        Replace/repair window blinds in kindergarten classroom

13.        Weed areas around rhodies on the playground next to the building

14.        Trim forsythia bush on the playground

15.        Replace teeter totter seats (on order; should arrive in 4 weeks)